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The greatest gift of all is life. That is the gift we strive to bring to you.

Successful treatment is about quality, diligence and technical excellence. We aspire to the highest standards of personalised care and science. Wanting children can bring pain and frustration, we promise to support and lead you through your treatment and beyond, whatever the outcome.

Our way is yours to choose.

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Fertility First specialises in fertility care for men and women, providing professional advice, assessment and treatment, coupled with leading-edge assisted reproductive technologies.

Lifestyle programs and natural therapies are offered in addition to medical interventions, to maximise the chance of pregnancy while minimising the treatment required. We pride ourselves on tailoring programs to your individual needs, respecting privacy and time constraints so that you feel as comfortable as possible.

Our aim is to improve fertility and maximise a couple’s chance of conceiving while minimising disruption to their life. As we believe it is very important to treat couples according to their individual needs, you will be fully assessed prior to any treatment starting.


Important Update: New Legislation commences on the 1st January 2010

The Assisted Reproductive Technology Act 2007 and the Assisted Reproductive Technology Regulation 2009 will commence on 1 January 2010. If your treatment involves the use of donor gametes, we would highly recommend that you familiarise yourself with these documents, both of which can be downloaded from the NSW Government website